Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A new definition of "Mouse enabled Chess..."

technabob - Mouse Taxidermy Chess Set: Roll Your Dice, Move Your Mice

Yes, what you’re looking at is an entire chess set made from taxidermied mice. It was made by Etsy creator TheCurious13 “to get people’s attention.” Well, mission accomplished, Curious, mission accomplished.

According to its description the set is made from “fur, taxidermy, mouse, mice, foam, cotton, wire, beads, fabric, wood, paint, paper, and glue.” That’s right, there are so many mice, he had to state it twice. Hey, I made a rhyme!

Each mouse has been dressed in appropriate garb, including tiny crowns for Kings and Queens, and these adorably creepy little bishop’s outfits:



That's awesome. I guess it's too bad I don't play chess more... :P

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