Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Family Archival Solutions - Your Internet Dead Man Switch (oh, that wasn't very PC, but you get the idea... hopefully)

socaltech.com - Family Archival Solutions Launches To Solve Legal Issues After Loss

One of the biggest issues that families have after the loss of a loved one, is the sticky mess of unraveling piles of bills, bank accounts, wills, and whatnot. Los Angeles-based Family Archival Solutions is hoping that its new, online service will help address those issues, by letting users manage both their digital--and physical--documents. The startup said its service lets users store passwords for email services, photo sites, Facebook, Twitter and more; helps users track their physical assets and documents; and even lets people store videos and emails to loved ones for the future. ...

Family Archival Solutions

We Save Your Life®

We provide peace of mind in protecting & preserving life’s most precious memories, important documents & family assets.

Safely Helping to Assist With:
  • Special Wishes
  • Digital Documents
  • Digital Assets
  • Physical Documents
  • Physical Assets
  • Photos and Videos
  • Personal Legacy


Interesting service. I'd personally want to see this be around for a little bit before I trust it. NOT that this is, but I can see who something like this could be a good, um, err, um, scam... I mean, it only really kicks in when your dead, and it's really hard to complain and file a complaint then....

That said, I think this is still a great idea and something I'll be watching...

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