Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Community Driven XNA Game Studio Installer for VS 2012 and soon VS 2013

CodePlex - XNA Game Studio


Project Description
Support for XNA Game Studio until Microsoft will restore support.

Project which continue support to Microsoft XNA Game Studio for Windows.

Now we released XNA Game Studio Extension for Visual Studio 2013 as a VSIX package. We will upload this on Visual Studio Gallery in 9th February 2014.

Of note on the Documentation tab

How install XNA 4.0 on Visual Studio 2012
How install XNA 4.0 on Visual Studio 2013

How install XNA 4.0 on Visual Studio 2012

  1. Download XNA 4.0 Refresh (Visual Studio 2012)
  2. Unzip archive
  3. Install DirectX from the archive
  4. Install Xna Framework 4.0 Redistribution from the archive
  5. Install Xna Game Studio 4.0 Platform Tools from the archive
  6. Install Xna Game Studio 4.0 Shared from the archive
  7. Install XNA Game Studio 4.0 (2012).vsix from the archive

While I think this is pretty cool, REMEMBER THIS IS UNOFFICIAL. You're going to assume 100% of the risks in doing this and YMMV.

Still I applaud these guys for doing this. I hate having 3+ versions of VS installed just so I can fallback to a version that supports a given no longer supported project type (cough... XNA... cough... Setup and Deployment... cough).

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