Wednesday, February 26, 2014

F# for your favorite VB'er

Phil Trelford's Array - F# Eye for the VB Guy

Are you a VB developer curious about functional-first programming. F# is a statically typed language built into Visual Studio. It is a multi-paradigm language with both functional and object-oriented constructs.

F# has powerful type inference which reduces the amount of typing you need to do without reducing performance or correctness.

F# projects are easily referenced from VB and vice versa. Like VB, F# makes minimal use of curly braces, and for many operations the syntax will feel quite familiar.

Here’s my cut-out-and-keep guide to common operations in both languages:




Great little side-by-side for that little VB'er that's in your heart (you know it, you still look back at your VB times with a little longing...)

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