Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hey, it's everyone's favorite topic! Licensing VS and MSDN... :|

Microsoft Downloads - Visual Studio and MSDN Licensing White Paper

Version:  1.0

File Name:

Visual Studio 2013 and MSDN Licensing Whitepaper - October-2014.docx

Visual Studio 2013 and MSDN Licensing Whitepaper - October-2014.pdf

Date Published:  10/8/2014

This white paper provides an overview of the Visual Studio product line and the licensing requirements for those products in common deployment scenarios. For a definitive guide to licensing terms and conditions for products licensed through Microsoft Volume Licensing, see the Microsoft Licensing Product Use Rights (PUR) document and applicable licensing agreements. For retail customers the license terms are specified in the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) included with your product or with your MSDN subscription.

Okay, so we all pretty much try to ignore this and hope it goes away, every so often this comes up, so it's good to have the latest version of this available (or at least the link to it ;)


It's only 36 pages, so stop your whining (Greg, yes, I'm looking at your reflection in the notebook...)


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Chris Marisic said...

Just in time too! VS14 is almost ready! OH, this is for 2013.

Betty said...

You can use a tool like diffpdf (http://www.qtrac.eu/diffpdf.html) to compare it to previous versions.

Mostly looks like clarification changes, but there was something that looked new to me:

"Customers must track assignments for all external entities (e.g. solution providers, independent contractors, offshore development centers) and provide a “Declaration of MSDN Licenses”, that is signed both by the customer and their outsourced entity, to Microsoft no less than 60 days preceding the True Up period. "

Avail Systems said...

At a time Microsoft and it's technologies are under a frontal assault by Apple and Open Source technologies, I remained amused Redmond still insists on make their development tools a profit center. In a broad accounting of overall real world outcomes relative to what technologies applications are being delivered with it's far more likely they are losing ten dollars for every dollar they make on MSDN licensing. Talk about getting a clue.