Tuesday, October 14, 2014

That's Onetastic Documentation! Onetastic Macro Language doc's are now available...

Onetastic for Microsoft OneNote - Documentation for Macro Language is Now Available

Macros allow extending OneNote's functionality in a way that was never possible before. Macroland is full of ready to download macros. Many users developed their own macros and published them there. Developing macros may be a daunting task especially since the Macro language wasn't documented at all, except for a few tutorials in this blog.

Today extensive documentation is available for the Onetastic Macro Language here. You can find the link "DOCUMENTATION" above as well. The documentation has following sections:

  • Getting Started: An introduction to Macros and the Macro Language
  • Commands: List of Macro commands and detailed explanation of their syntax, possible values and allowed child commands
  • Concepts: Basic concepts of the Macro Language like Objects, Properties, Variables and Functions
  • Tutorial: Updated tutorial on how to build Macros
  • Hierarchy and Page Objects:  Detailed documentation on all objects supported in Macros and their hierarchical structure as well as list of properties.

If you haven't tried building macros before or tried but got stuck due to limited information available, you can give it another try by reading the tutorial and checking out all the reference information.


This is one of the must have OneNote Extensions, with a great and growing list of macro's, but like said, figuring out how to write them was "fun." Now, we can RTFM. Woot!


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