Wednesday, January 07, 2015

"Wax keeps your candle burning" (You'll get that if you know WiX)

Visual Studio Gallery - Wax

Wax keeps your candle burning
While it's easy to create an empty setup project with the WiX toolkit, populating the list of deployable files and even more keeping the list up to date can be a very fumbling task.

This tool is a Visual Studio Extension that helps you to create, verify and maintain the list of deployed files in an interactive gui.

Documentation, source code etc. can be found on


I know, I know. "Real WiXers don't need no stinkn UI!"

Well, I guess I'm just not a real WiXer then. :P

While the Visual Studio Setup and Deployment support is back for VS 2013, Visual Studio 2013 gets Installer Projects support back!, WiX is still a great setup/installer choice, if you can get over the learning curve (i.e. XML editing). There's a number of extensions that will help you there, with this one, Wax is a new entry. Plus its source is available too.. :)

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