Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Rich Interactive Narratives - RIN Studio download now available

Microsoft Research - RIN Studio - RIN Authoring tool

Rich Interactive Narratives (RIN) is a technology developed by Microsoft Research. RIN offers a way to seamlessly combine cinematic experiences with user exploration to create rich interactive and immersive narratives. One example of RIN is Everest project done in collaboration with GlacierWorks as described here: The Everest tours found here ( are implemented using RIN. More example narratives can be found at RIN Studio is an authoring tool for creating these RINs without any coding. RIN Studio provides an interface similar to video editing tools. The output is delivered as RIN JSON files that can be hosted using RIN JS ( in any web server. The narratives can also be published in windows store as apps. Contact rindev at microsoft -dot- com if you have questions or want to use it in commercial scenarios.





Here's a snap of the Desktop RIN Studio app;


Check out the RIN examples first. They will really wet your appetite. Then grab the RIN Studio and start building your own!

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