Monday, January 12, 2015

The WordNet Language List to rule them all...

A Complete Multilingual WordNet List by Language

What is WordNet?

WordNet is a lexical database that groups words into sets of synonyms called synsets, providing short definitions and usage examples, and records a number of relations among these synonym sets or their members. WordNet can thus be seen as a combination of dictionary and thesaurus. While it is accessible to human users via a web browser, its primary use is in automatic text analysis and artificial intelligence applications. Both the lexicographic data (lexicographer files) and the compiler (called grind) for producing the distributed database are available

Multilingual WordNet by Language and Their Licenses

Below is a table of multilingual WordNet by language and their licenses, as well as other pertinent information.


It's been a bit since I've blogged about WordNet, but still Samuel hunted me down and sent me an email about his project, compiling the uber WordNet Language list. And since he's from a SoCal College, (and it has been a while since I've blogged about WordNet... oh wait, I already said that... ;) here you go!


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