Monday, August 13, 2007

IE7Pro v1.0 Released

IE7pro for Internet Explorer 7 - IE7pro v1.0 Released (14-08-2007)


Changelogs: IE7Pro v1.0 (14-08-2007):
1. EasyHome added
2. Hotkey full customizable now
3. Single IE instance support
4. Tab session restore function added
5. Can use hotkey to dupliate tabs
6. DEP problem solved
7. Fix autofill in iframe bugs
8. Inline search improved
9. Spell checking improved
10. Plugin system improved
11. IE6 Quick Search Added
12. Update automatic notfiy now"

The very cool, must have IE7 addin/extension, IE7Pro is now officially a v1.0...

The new EasyHome feature is pretty darn cool. It's like a thumbnail, personal, quick access, portal page. You can setup nine different sites, which are shown as thumbnails on the EasyHome page. Clicking on a site opens it in a new tab or on the current tab. Below is an example I created with a couple Microsoft sites...


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Anonymous said...

Its an implementation of the Opera Speed Dial interface ;-)